The Double Pentacle Spread or the Perfect Fifth

By Teressena and Martien Bakens

This spread gives an expansive, in-depth look into your query.

shows the basic situation.
indicates the root or cause of the situation.
Recent Past
refers to what has happened recently that is affecting the situation.
shows an influence from other realms that has been a guiding star on your path.
Possible Outcome
shows the general way things are heading with all that is already set in motion.
Near Future
indicates a more immediate unfolding, not the final outcome.
Inner View
how you view the situation, attitudes or aspects of you affecting the outcome.
Outer View
reflects influences in your environment that may be affecting the outcome; may refer to another person's attitude or actions.
shows what hopes or fears you have surrounding the outcome. Releasing fears and removing expectations gives you the freedom to move forward towards the best possible outcome.
sums up the other nine cards in the spread and suggests the outcome, given the combination of the other cards.

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