The Cross Spread

By Juno Lucina, The Alchemy of Tarot

The cross is an ancient symbol, much older than the Christian tradition with which it is most commonly associated today, and can be found in numerous sacred traditions throughout antiquity. At its most basic level, it is a symbol of the two intersecting paths that spirits travel upon throughout existence — the vertical axis is one of progression, where each is either on an upward journey towards spirit or a downward journey towards matter; the horizontal axis represents our actions inside the realm of time, justice, cause and effect. The Celts overlaid the basic cross with an additional sacred symbol, the circle of the Sun, representing the circle of life, the cycle of the seasons, and at each place that an axis intersects the circle, we have the cardinal directions--north, south, east and west--as well as the elements--earth, air, fire, and water, with spirit residing at the center. The Cross Spread is thus named because its shape looks like an equilateral cross. 

The Significator
In a general reading about a person, this represents the querent; with regards to a specific question, this represents the situation. (This is the Ascendant of the reading.)
Crossing Card
Reveals what is currently "crossing" (blocking, impeding) the querent or the situation. (This is like the South Node of the Moon.)
What's Beneath
What information does the querent already know that forms the foundation of the question?
What's Above
What information is obvious, but the querent currently is not seeing it?
What's Passing
What has occurred recently in the querent's life; what is passing away from the querent's life?
The Immediate Future
What is in store for the querent in the immediate future? (This is the Descendant of the reading.)
Internal World
What is the internal world of the querent? What is s/he bringing to the situation?
External World
What is the external world of the querent? What is surrounding him or her?
Distant Past
What past issue or problem is the querent still carrying in the present that is blurring his or her ability to clearly perceive the situation today?
The Final Outcome
What is the ultimate outcome of this situation? What is the main message that the querent must understand in order to grow? (This is like the North Node of the Moon.)

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