Attraction/Release-How to move forward Spread

By Pamela Steele

Core Issues
These combined cards help define the foundation of what is blocking and what needs attraction.
Physical Body
Perhaps a habit or a food that needs to be replaced with something that is better for you? Listen carefully to what your body needs right now.
Mental Attitudes
5- Release/6-Attract
Which attitudes and thoughts no longer serve who you choose to be come? Do you have some old judgments that need releasing? Which thoughts are you feeding your Spirit?
Emotional Needs
Dig deep and find what you truly feel. Does that feeling still serve? Would a slight change in perception help fill your cup with feelings of grace? Remember to count your blessings.
Spiritual Path.
By removing the illusion of separation and allowing Spirit to blend into your daily life, what do you lose? What do you gain?
Where your Journey leads.
This represents the next path on your Journey. Where it leads will be determined by what you Choose. Choose wisely.

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