Birth Card Spread

By Pamela Steele

Now Today
Insight into your attitude and ideas about yourself.
What is Secret?
Inner secrets
The secret you keep from yourself.
What you are manifesting.
What your thoughts are creating.
With words and deeds, your thoughts are creating your reality.
What is blocking you.
Unseen forces.
Here are the hidden influences interfering with your progress.
Challenges associated with your birth.
What you brought to this life.
These are the 'issues' agreed upon on a spiritual level before you were born.
What you have not been hearing.
This is what you are trying to tell yourself.
Gifts of Spirit.
These are associated with your birth and considered your birthright.
Here is what is motivating you.
Be it good or bad, it needs exploring.
Karmic Influence.
Talents and abilities that need more development.
This is where your untapped potential may lie. If one of the Maidens appears in this position pay particular attention to her message.
Spiritual Path.
The next step you need to take on your Journey.

Images (c)2009 Annikin Divination Systems.