Self_Awareness Spread

By Pamela Steele

A tarot spread designed to assist the Seeker in identifying blockages and beliefs that are currently hidden. It is designed for either self-examination or may be used to read for another.

You Now
The card in this position represents the Seeker as he/she is at this moment in Now.
This card represents the focal point of what has brought you to this juncture. Here is the core of the issue.
Obstacles which are self-imposed. This card represents the beliefs that hold you back from accomplishing your goals.
This is what you need to know in order to continue your journey.
What was once misunderstood or misinterperted is now revealed to be other than your original perception.
The advice your Inner Guidance is trying to give to your human self.
What Motivates
This is the driving force behind your decision to achieve awareness at a different level of understanding.
What you need to actively, physically do in order to achieve your goals.
What must be avoided.
What you will achieve by following your inner guidance and staying on your Path.

Images (c)2009 Annikin Divination Systems.