Guidance for Chakra 'At-one-ment'

By MoonBear

Listening to our bodies/auric fields to achieve Wellness.

In The Present Moment
Overall Issue/Concern
1st Chakra(Root)/Survival
....Through Awareness
2nd Chakra(Sacral)/ Understanding Our Reactions To Inner & Outer Worlds
....Through Feelings/Creativity
3rd Chakra(Solar Plexus)/Self-Esteem
....Through Power & Discrimination
4th Chakra(Heart)/Love & Healing
...Through Compassion & Relationships
5th Chakra(Throat)/Responsibility & Wisdom
.....Through Expression
6th Chakra(Third Eye)/Discernment
...Through Vision
7th Chakra(Crown)/Connection to Divinity
.....Through Guidance & Messages
8th Chakra(Above Head)/ Understanding Karma
....Through Access to Akashic Records
9th Chakra(Arm's Length Above Head) Soul's Acknowledgment
.....Through Archetypes, Signs & Symbols
10th Chakra(Below Feet)/Grounding
....Through Being Fully Present in Every Moment
11th Chakra(Hands & Feet)/ Alchemy
....Through Personal Response to Internal & External Conditions
One Last Thought....A Special Message
....From Personal Guide That Yearns to Be Heard

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