Success Reading

By Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D

This is primarily a relationship success reading, but it works equally well for money, abundance, romance, sex, equality, etc.

Reflects your key self concepts in regard to success.
This reflects the ancestral aspect of the success issue.
This reflects your family influence on success.
Reflects the past's influence on your success.
Conscious Mind
Reflects your conscious attitude toward success.
Reflects your subconscious influences.
Reflects your unconscious influences.
Higher Mind
Reflects either what your higher mind is giving to help your success, or the ego's block to this gift.
Next six months
Reflects the next six months.
Reflects your desire for success, another key factor.
Reflects your confidence level for success. Typically there is a direct correlation between confidence and success.
Next Year
What happens in the next year can also influence the next six months.
Reflects the opportunities presenting themselves for success.
Reflects how good your timing is.
This card shows your luck factor. This is a combination of a number of factors, such as innocence, flow, and feelings of worthiness, desire for luck, and courage to receive.
Outside Help
This card shows how much outside help you are receiving, and in what form, or it shows what is blocking it.
Final Result

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