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Love and Relationships

Spreads dealing with love, family, personal and social relationships.

Am I loved? by 2009 Ann Murkett

A two card spread to find if there is love between two people

Annikin Friend or Lover by 2009 Ann Murkett

To find out if you will change from being a friend to lover

Annikin Here and Now by 2009 Ann Murkett

To gain insight here and now

Annikin Lost Love by 2009 Ann Murkett

A spread to help you find out whether a lost love will return to you.

Annikin Love by 2009 Ann Murkett

Exploring the love you feel.

Annikin Love Triangle by 2002 Ann Murkett

A ten card spread to help if you are in a love triangle

Annikin Mix by 2009 Ann Murkett

This spread can be used in any situation involving two people

Annikin Resolution by 2009 Ann Murkett

Help wth a resolution to your common concern

A Paramour's Path by aly rhodes

A spread designed to gain insight into two simulataneous relationships. Can be used by the querent, but was designed for a Paramour who wanted more insight into where she stood in her love's thoughts and feelings while he was still in his original relationship. 

A Sacred Relationship Reading by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf

This spread speaks to your relationship with your emerging self on your path, your relationship with others, and your relationship with the akashic records.  It also speaks to your relationship with whatever question goal, or situation you bring to this oracle.

Bermuda Triangle by Moontoadie

Probing the uncharted depths of a love triangle.

Cup of Relationship Spread by Crystal Sage

Exploring the relationship between two people

Developing Friendship by Moontoadie

To be used to find out if an aquaintence will become a friend or lover.

Finding a New Love by Moontoadie

Finding a new love

Help With Your Sex Life by Moontoadie

Help with your sex life

Jealousy by 2003 Ann Murkett

A three card spread to assist with jealousy

Know Your Enemy by moontoadie

To help get a clearer view of your enemy, what to expect and how to resolve the relationship.

Looking For Love (Short Version) by Moontoadie

A short 4 card reading to help guide you to finding love.

New Love by Moontoadie

For new relationships

Niki's Lover's Guide by 2002 Niki Murkett

A four card spread to help you gauge your feelings for a partner and show the way forward.

Our Relationship by May Read Tarot

This spread was created for a love relationship but it can fit any relationship.

Relating by unknown

Exploring the relationship between two people

Relationship Guidance & Answers by MoonBear

This spread sheds light on any type of relationship (be it your relationship with The Divine, a friend, a family member, person at work, or lover) and whether it is in alignment with our soul's purpose. 

Relationship Query by Moontoadie

A five card relationship reading

Relationship Reading by Jolynn Kottke

A nine card comprehensive relationship reading.

Secret Crush by Moontoadie

To discover who has a crush on you.

Seeking a New Love by Moontoadie

For those looking for love

NB Cups: love, water, summer. Wands: work, air, autumn. Pentacles: money, fire spring. Swords: intellect, earth, winter.


Success Reading by Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D

This is primarily a relationship success reading, but it works equally well for money, abundance, romance, sex, equality, etc.

Suspicious Minds by Moontoadie

Addressing lack of trust issues

The Inner Peace Spread by Hedy Maiman

The Inner Peace Spread gives you an answer to a question that seems to be very important to many.  'Why am I getting so annoyed with other people?  How are they are to push my buttons so easily?'

The Lovers Triangle by Jeremy Lampkin

Casually referred to as The Lovers Triangle, this spread can be used to determine the dynamics of the relationship between 3 people, whether or not romance is involved.  This spread is drawn in the form of a hexagram, consisting of several large and small triangles.  This spread is somewhat complicated, but not entirely that difficult. 

The first step is to interpret the card for each individual position in the spread.  Generally the querent asks about a relationship that he or she is involved with, but this does not have to be the case.  Ordinarily the querent's representative card is #1, the querent's person of interest is #2, and the other person would be #3.

The second step fills in the downward triangle and involves further examination of the individuals through their views of the other people.  Each person has 2 more cards showing the way they see and relate to the other members of the triangle.  For example, Card #6 shows how Person #3 relates to Person #1, while Card #9 shows Person #1's attitude toward Person #3.

The third and final step completes the upward triangle and the hexagram, focusing on cards 10-13.  It also completes the many smaller triangles and shows the potential for each relationship.  The final card, #13 can be considered the significator of the reading, which shows the overall potential for this 3-way relationship.

The Problem with Us by 2011 Ann Murkett

This can be used with any relationship problem.

You, Me and Us by Moontoadie

No description supplied