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Daily & Weekly Spreads

Overview spreads suitable for constant use on a daily or weekly basis - normally limited to 2-3 cards.

Annikin Today and Tomorrow by 2009 Ann Murkett

A two card spread indicating the influences for today and tomorrow

Card of the day by unknown

The influence of the day

Cards of the day by Moontoadie

The main card of the day plus its positive and negative aspects.

Daily Divination Tree Spread by Dana Driscoll

A daily divination spread connected to the Tarot of Trees.

Grounding, Centering and Merging by Eliza

This spread represents your connection to the earth, to others and represents your center.

Message for Today by 2010 Ann Murkett

The main aspect(s) of your day

My Card for the Year by unknown

The influence for the year ahead

My Next Seven Days by Unknown

This spread is to see your pathway for the next seven days

My Next Thirteen Weeks by 2002 Ann Murkett

The cards can be combined to give an overview of the week or used to cover certain days of the week e.g. card one Monday-Tuesday, card two Wednesday - Friday, card three Saturday-Sunday

Near Future by Moontoadie

A spread to see what the next 4 days, weeks or months hold.

The Coming Week by Moontoadie

A weekly spread with two cards thrown for each day.

The Posy Spread by Magic Realist Press

A spread to see how to gain insight about the situation today

What of My Today? by 2012 Ann Murkett

An overview of the main issue of the day.