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Classic Spreads

The classic, well known spreads including the Celtic Cross, the Sword and the one card reading.

Past, Present, Future by Unknown

A three card spread for the past, present and future

Star of the Duat by 2012 Constance Trilllich

Ancient Egyptians believed a glorified soul of the deceased would rise to heaven where it looked down upon us as a star. This layout represents your higher self as a 5 pointed star. It is said that every problem has within it a solution and that your higher self already knows what that solution is.

The Celtic Cross by A. E. Waite

This is the original layout from 1910

The Celtic Cross by Unknown

This is the Celtic Cross layout which has evolved over time.

The Horseshoe Spread by Unknown

A classic seven card horseshoe spread.

The Keltic Cross by Unknown

This runecast is in the shape of a Celtic Cross

Year Ahead Spread by Unknown

Thirteen card spread depicting the twelve months of the year plus a central card, which has the greater influence over the whole year.