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Business Related

Spreads to help you with work, career and financial matters.

Advice To Earn More Money by Moontoadie

Advice to help you achieve your earning potential.

Annikin Business by 2002 Ann Murkett

A five card spread to find if it is the right time to start a business

Annikin Career by 1999 Ann Murkett

A five card spread which questions why you chose the career and your possible progression.

Annikin Finance by 2001 Ann Murkett

A ten card spread to help you with your finances, including concerns,who can help you and what you need to obtain financial security

Annikin Interviewer's Spread by 2009 Ann Murkett

In depth questions to aid an interviewer

Annikin Work by 1999 Ann Murkett

This may help you with your current job

Getting the Job by Moontoadie

Job interview help for prospective employees.

Mind Your Own Business by Moontoadie

Advice when starting your own business

Money/Prosperity Reading by Jolynn Kottke

A ten card spread showing an in depth resolution to the matters which concern you.

Stay or Go by Moontoadie

Help in deciding whether to take a new job or stay in the present employment.

Working Pyramid by Moontoadie

A six card career reading

Work Place Dynamics by Moontoadie

To explore your current place of employment

NB Cups: love, water, summer.  Wands: work, air, autumn.  Pentacles: money, fire, spring.  Swords: intellect, earth, winter.